A bit about the tiny network of people, in two countries, who make it all happen:

Kanga Creative began early in 2011 by Rebecca McQueen, after returning from time living in Tanzania. A suitcase full of wonderful African fabrics and a passion for creative sewing led to the birth of her small business, named after her favourite piece of African baby carrying fabric, the kanga. Kanga Creative has now evolved to include a line of fun original children's clothing in fabrics from around the world, especially South East Asia. Rebecca currently lives in Cambodia where she is volunteering at a Montessori school with her two year old son.

Kanga Creative's online store would not be running if it weren't for Rebecca's lovely and generous friend Julie, who also has a passion for African fabrics. Julie is currently handling all online sales enquiries and orders from Western Australia.

Also part of Kanga Creative are the talented Cambodian tailors who work hard to bring our original clothing designs to life. In an effort to keep all items ethically made, a tailor has been sourced, one who has built up her own successful business to now employ six other tailors. Her work is in very high demand - she is able to copy designs to the slightest detail. Her quality is outstanding, and Kanga Creative is very lucky that she is able to fit in the production of our designs into her small but busy studio.